The owner of the website is : Bergton Cameron he’s also the publishing director, nobody else publishes except him. He is the sole owner.

Name: Bergton
First name: Cameron
Location: London, Uk

More information on the website?

The Ip address of the site is rented from OVH, it is a shared ip (several sites on the same ip) Yes it’s cheaper!

The domain name to was taken by the agency that helped me to edit the site, it’s a French LWS service, I know I could have made the English friends work, but hey, I didn’t want to upset the agency. Yes, because otherwise I work in a web agency in London, Dublin, and in France in Paris.

Hosting, it’s also at OVH, a shared hosting company.

The Regulation aims to replace the 1995 European Directive on the protection of personal data (95/46/EC) with a single piece of legislation to end the current legal fragmentation between Member States.