Latest Mac OS update: beware, some softwares are incompatible

Every year, Apple’s Mac computers receive a new version of their core software via the Internet: the famous Mac OS update. Most of the time, the changes it brings are minor, but this year, on the contrary, they are likely to change the habits of many users. Some software will even simply refuse to work. This update, called Catalina, has been available for download since October 8: should we refuse or postpone its installation? For many people, yes.


Difficult start up for the new Mac OS X Catalina, which disrupts the operation of several older software programs. The problem is profound, and some malfunctions cannot be corrected.

Software that won’t open

Unlike old software, the vast majority of recent programs have no problems with Catalina. However, some of them do suffer from minor malfunctions, and not the least, such as Photoshop, Abobe’s famous photo editing software. Recording in certain file formats is problematic, and plug-ins – small pieces of third-party programs – sometimes refuse to work. Adobe advises that you should wait a little while before adopting Mac OS Catalina, while its teams solve these problems.

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