Nginx is now the web server most used by the most visited sites in the world.

According to a report by W3Techs, Nginx is now the most used web server by the most visited sites in the world. With 38.8% of the top 1000 sites, it comes before Apache which covers 33.7% and Microsoft Internet Information Server (IIS) 9.2%. Created by Igor Sysoev and published in October 2004, Nginx, pronounced “engine-ex”, is an open source web server that, since its success as a web server, is also used as a reverse proxy and load balancer for HTTP, TCP and UDP network protocol traffic.

Now recognized for its high performance, stability, advanced feature set, simple configuration and low resource consumption, Nginx was originally designed as a response to the performance problem of handling 10,000 simultaneous connections known as the C10k problem. The C10k problem is related to the need to optimize network connections to handle large numbers of clients at the same time, and Nginx uses an asynchronous, event-driven architecture to handle these huge amounts of connections.

Data provided by Siftery Discover shows that companies that benefit from Nginx include: Google, Facebook, LinkedIn, Cisco, Autodesk, T-Mobile, GitLab, Microsoft, IBM, Adobe, Adobe, Salesforce, VMware, Xerox, Citrix Systems, Twitter, Apple, Intel.

Despite this progression of Nginx, the Apache web server does not seem to be worried yet. Recognized as the most popular HTTP/HTTPS server on the web according to the W3Techs report, it comes ahead of Nginx with 43.9% usage by websites using various web servers. “Apache is used by 43.9% of websites whose web server is known to us and by 34.2% of websites whose web server is known to be among the top 1,000,000,” says the report.

Link source:,ws-nginx

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